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Sept. 11th 2006 : Robot GASTON presented to HRH The Earl of Wessex Prince Edward, the youngest son of the British Queen.

A great honour for Luc Theisen, one of the constructors of GASTON !  For Luc, building the robot with his friends was part of the activities to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh's International Youth Award (Luxembourg Edition). Now Luc had the occasion to present the robot to the Earl of Wessex, who visited Luxembourg for the festivities of the 50th anniversary of the Award. (Scan from "d'Wort", Luxembourg newspaper, Sept 12th 2006)

This school-year we continue our Robotics-project with the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 1.5 / 2.0. We thank our ministry and the association of the former students of our institution for their generous and continuous support.

:-) We get many funny replies concerning the name of our institution: "Convict Episcopal de Luxembourg". Anglo-Saxons often are being horrified about it : No, "Convict" hasn't the same meaning in French than in English. It roughly means "living together" and it is etymologically derived from the Latin "convivere". The institution is a catholic boarding institute for 12 to 18 year-old boys. The student's nickname for the institute is "Boulette", that can be translated as "Meat loaf". We suppose that the word first has appeared around 1890. Batty Weber, a local author, uses it in his story "Fenn Kass" that he published in 1913.

We now started working with ROBOLAB 2.9, NXT and the LabVIEW NXT toolkit !

Last update : 29/09/2007


  See two of the B.I.T.-group at work with GASTON, their best project. (What's B.I.T.? Of course: "Boulette's Institute for Technology"; that's the usurpation done by the students :) To explain "Boulette", this is much more complicated... you need to understand French, and read parts of the institute's history.



Most of our programs are created with ROBOLAB which is based on the graphical programming language National Instruments LABVIEW


Instruments LabVIEW

Our most recent electronic circuit layouts and PC-boards have been prepared with EAGLE 4.01 from CADSOFT

CadSoft Online

The LEGO-Dacta material may be found at Technik-LPE

and of course at

Some sophisticated parts are available at

All the CAD-drawings have been realized with LEOCAD 


Programming techniques

LeRobot  version 2.0.1.  

Square root subroutine (French)

The Arctan-function

The Datalog 

Finite respons

Sinus approximation


Least square polynomial

Subsumption architecture 

implemented to Robolab 2.5


subsumption compass-rover


(Sending messages to more than 1 RCX)


Lego camera positioning

Converting decimal to rational numbers

Variable names in Robolab

Sine and Cosine Robolab functions

Square-root through CORDIC

Gauss-Jordan Elimination

Multi-robot communication
Robot navigation with a piezoelectric gyroscope
Subsumption Architecture even made easier
fast PIC multiplication
fast PIC division
Ultimate ROBOLAB
Tiny mini worm
Exp and ln functions for microcontrollers
Real-time Fourier transform
Robust robot programming
tiny mini worm

the worlds first and only RCX selfreplicating program

Ultimate ROBOLAB now has its own web-site


Homebrew actuators 


Knight Rider


Homebrew sensors 

Optical rotation sensor  

Differential light sensor  

Remote control  

Compass sensor  

New Compass sensor

Sound sensor

Sound peak detector

Phase sound sensor

Infrared-ultrasonic beacon

D/A conversion interface

astute D/A converters

Laser light sensor

LEGO Compass

New IR/ultrasonic beacon system

Simple accelerometer

Recycled angle-sensor


finished sensor may be used by current users


Poor man's rotation sensor
Audio frequency sensor
Mike Gasperi's RCX buffer specifications
localize a sound-source in space
Pewatron compass
Binaural sensor





one.htm , two.htm  
NXT: square-root on NXT
NXT:  arctangent function
NXT:  sine and cosine functions
The coolest programming environment ever seen !!!
Comparing NXT and RCX  features
NXT:  atan2 function



infrared/radio repeater
CMUCam2 interface
hardwired RCX to RCX communication
Using the RCX as an RC-servo control
CMUCam2 interface
brick-to-brick optical communication at 12.5baud with LEGO parts only !!!



Paul-Nicolas' Fire Fighter  



Direction Master  

Compass Rover

Improved Direction-master gearing

Polygone Drawer

Simple LOGI Turtle Graphics

Philippe Hurbain's Seesaw

All wheel steering platform

4 wheel synchro drive

LOGI2 with Roby Robot

Honeybee and Robot Navigation

Autonomous navigator

Sound walker

Carlo's Painter

Robolab Compass-rover

Ro-Plot (a new plotter)

Tower of Hanoi


Juri's lightening vehicle

Direction Master revisited

Robo-soccer2 NOTE: 

under master-supervision, may be used by current users

James Bot 007

Boy-scout and Follower

5 DOF Robot-arm
Mars-telerobotics project (users)

Mars Mission (project designers)

Luc's Plotter and Youngsters
NXT wall-avoider
Nic_1 a music following robot !



Temperature sensor test  

Compass sensor test


Gyroscope test

LEGO compass tests

Inclination of the earth magnetic field

Robolab 2.5 programs for the analog compass

Distance tracker

Controlling the inverted pole


* degree of difficulty

for beginners

for current users

for advanced users

for specialists

for masters only



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