Two beacon-positioning








The  3 IR/ultrasonic-beacon positioning-project remains one of our major realizations during the academic year 2000/2001. 


Now we want to optimize the project according to the following aims:


The reasons for these improvements are clear:


The PIC 16F84 remains the only major difficulty for anybody who wants to reproduce our device. If you have no other possibility, send us a mail plus 15.- US $, and we will send you the programmed PIC.


The PC-boards (sender and receiver) form another problem for beginners! Specially the double-sided  receiver-board is difficult to produce. The easiest solution is to send the EAGLE-files directly to PCB-POOL. This specialist firm will return the board ready for use for a prize of about 50 .






  1. New IR/ultrasonic receiver

  2. PIC-program

  3. Testing and calibrating the device

  4. 2-beacon positioning-process

  5. ROBOLAB sub.vis: Square-root, Arctan, etc.

  6. more ROBOLAB-investigation sub.vis

  7. Download area (741kB)


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