LeRobot: a new interesting project for advanced users.

Welcome to the RCX  programmer.

Version: 2.0


This program permits you to write RCX Code (see Spirit.ocx Technical Reference Book). The Spirit.ocx should be installed on your computer from the original RCX-CD.

The program makes the difference between downloadable and immediate commands.

Follow the syntax of the RIS reference book.


1) As indicated in the reference-book, the instructions EndOfTask, EndLoop, EndWhile, Endif, Else should always be followed by (), so that they look like endoftask() etc. For better readability you may even write EndOfTask(Main) or something else.

2) The program checks every 5 minutes whether the communication is established between the computer and the RCX. You may always check this yourself by clicking the lamp-speedbutton (upper right corner).

3) To compile your source-code: choose Project/Check in the main menu.You must always check before sending. The program does'nt check automatically if you choose Project/Send.

4) To send your instructions: choose Send in the main menu. The Spirit.OCX Reference  book calls downloadable those instructions placed between a beginoftask -endOfTask-bloc. These instructions form a program and are able to be executed on the RCX independently from the computer, while immediate instructions are executed from the computer by the means of the Send-command from the main menu (project).

5) You may define your own strings by typing #define(aString,aValue) in the memo-block ob your right. This version translates your old files in new LeRobot-files.

6)  You may poll information from the RCX by clicking the speedbutton  representing a computer (upper right corner).

7) Practical advice: inside a commandname, variablename, or parameter do not place blanks. The program will ignore everything after the blank and won't recognize the right instruction. The internal speller is case insensitive.
      Motor_A +Motor_B will be considered as Motor_A only.
    correct: Motor_A+Motor_B (no space after Motor_A)

8) You may print your instructions in a colored way.

Good luck!

N.B. Neither this page  nor the program aren't supported by the LEGO Corporation in any way. The author may not be held responsible for any dammage caused by the use of the program.

Download: LeRobot201.zip a little bug has been erased!!!

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