A few shots from the Science Circus Sept 22-23, 2007

- "Can you show me how this arm works?"


On the floor they observe "Cambot" following the red ball (RCX robot, equipped with the CMUCam2 module)


- "Hey GASTON, coool !"


Many RCX-robots, but also Daniele Benedettelli's NXT Rubik's Cube Solver.




Daniele, Paul-Nicolas, Laurent and Luc !


Erik, Daniele.


What does "SPIKE" do?


It strikes you !! Get the candy challenge.


Unbelievable! Daniele's robot solves the cube: you scramble it randomly, it rearranges the cube !!!


Laurent Kneip's robot arm !


Kids and adults wonder how the robot makes it !


Explanations and discussions!


Got it?


Not the complete team: Thierry and Luc missing.

(Photos : Daniele Benedettelli)

some more photos of the Festival : http://www.lcd.lu/album/2007_2008/thumbs.php?foldername=cds Others will follow on the main Circus site.

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