Subsumption Architecture even made easier

Our Robolab-implementation of Brooks' Subsumption Architecture has found many friends among advanced Mindstormers. To make program-designs based on this technic clearer and easier, we propose a new set of Robolab-sub.vis entirely compatible with the former routines. (In the new set_command.. vis only names have changed).

Now you start your program with a Begin_Subsumption_Architecture Icon. This important includes the subsumption arbitrate. Specify the number of tasks to be monitored (or better the number of different priorities engaged).

Note that the program reserves a container for each priority, which is in fact the task-command-container. Priority 0, the highest priority, uses Red Container (0), priority 1 uses Blue Container (1) and so on.

There are e few additional sub.vis included in the package that are useful to program robot-navigation. Among those are:

Note that HEADING is the direction the robot should go to, BEARING is the real direction.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll have to change two small original Robolab-vis before Robolab will accept the new Change to Investigator mode, double-click on the modifiers Container's and Value of Container's to open the front-panel of each vi. Then switch to diagram and replace the number 20 in the case boxes by number 47 (the maximum allowed variable number). Now save the altered modifiers. This will have no negative effect on any Robolab-part.

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