Using the RCX as an RC-servo control

The RCX in a very unusual application, controlling a non-LEGO robot:

At the "Trophée de robotique 2005" we were challenged with following question : is it possible to control 3 RC-servos? The reason was that a complete RC-servo driver kit didn't work at all, and there was no time left to get any other one.

Of course the answer was : Yes, it is!

The RCX  is a most versatile object and with powerful software like Ultimate ROBOLAB, there are literally endless unexpected and useful applications.

The solution to the challenge is an independent RCX firmware that assures the following functions:

The second part of the solution is a PC program that allows to calibrate the RC-servos:

Download :

The 3 RCX output ports send out the controlling oulse for 3 independent RC-servo motors. A 1kOhm protection resistor should be added in any case. The servos must be powered through an additional external battery.

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