All wheel steering robot


Here is our first solution to an interesting challenge called all-wheel-steering. Such a platform presents the particularity of zero-turning. We added the challenge to make it possible that this platform might support a pen-holder placed exactly to the turning-center. So the wheels must be set to the corners of a perfect square and must be able to turn 45 degrees, so that rotation is possible. If the platform has to move in a certain direction, the wheels have first to be steered, the whole must rotate, the wheels must steer back, than the platform may move in the right direction. We installed two touch-sensors to provide information of the wheels position respecting three states: straight ahead, moving to another position and rotating. We tried to use the plateform as Logi-turtle. If rotating to the left, the wheels to the left side have to turn backwards, the wheels to the right have to turn forwards. If advancing, the wheels on both sides must turn forwards. So we need 3 motors to drive and steer the platform and an additional motor to move the pen up and down. We use 2 RCX, a master and a slave. have a look to the LeRobot-programs.  DOWNLOAD pictures and programs   zip


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