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BIT stands for "Boulette's Institute of Technology," a humorous student usurpation of the name of the famous East Coast institute that was forged in 2003. The BIT is an idea, an unpretentious pedagogical experiment that brought life to STEM content in our boarding institution. Activities take place regularly every Tuesday evening and occasionally during every possible free minute. This allows spontaneous ad hoc actions, as well as organized work. The participants of the BIT workshops are free to come and go as they please. Their actual number doesn't matter, since we have learned that failures and non-attendance is a failure must be considered as important feedback about the validity of the contents and the applied pedagogical methods. Because the workshops are voluntary and happen during heavily courted leisure time, students are summoned to make a decision in which they visibly and individually prove how important the current project really is for each of them. Active participation and sustained attention are guaranteed for those who choose to come.

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