Homebrew sensors for the RCX
optical rotation-sensor
differential light sensor
remote-control for the RCX
compass sensor  
new compass sensor  
sound sensor
dual sound sensor
phase sound sensor
Infrared-ultrasonic beacon  
D/A conversion interface
astute D/A converters
Laser light sensor
LEGO compass
New IR-ultrasonic beacon system
a special inclinometer
Simple accelerometer
Recycled angle-sensor
Poor man's rotation sensor
Audio frequency sensor
Mike Gasperi's RCX buffer specifications
localize a sound-source in space
Binaural sensor

* degree of difficulty

for beginners

for current users

for advanced users

for specialists

for masters only



  1. The authors may not be held responsible for any dammage caused by the use of one of these sensors.
  2. These pages are not supported by the LEGO-corporation in any way.

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