5. Building instructions

5.1. Detailed building instructions

First install LEOCAD. Step by step follow the instructions.

5.2. List of NON-LEGO pieces or LEGO-violations

Noise-sensor position inside of the head.
Noise-sensor electronics and sensor-multiplexer.
To fix the 2 potentiometers the holes of a bracket and a 1x4 Technic brick with holes are enlarged.

The potentiometer-shafts have to be filed a bit to fit into the gears and bush.

To fix the CdS-sensor-wires, cut a 1x4 plate.
9V Battery
IR-LED in 1x4 Technic brick with holes (enlarged one hole)
Sound-sensor-switch placed inside of a 2x4 brick
Thin plastic disc added to Gear16 at neck-horizontal to prevent blocage. Shortened axle 8 to dimension 7 in neck mechanics.      
The same plastic disc is added to the rotation-sensor block of the neck mechanics.
Left and right microphones glued to LEGO ears
Top microphone fixed to the top of GASTON's middle single hair, which is a LEGO ribbed tube.
Technic 12 Gear Bevel glued to short axle in neck vertical mechanics.
Cut LEGO ribbed tube which forms the mouth and add rests to the extrema.
This part allows access to the sound-sensor sensitivity regulator, a potentiometer which is soldered to the PCboard.
Some wires are bundled together and fixed to the neck.